A Lincolnshire council could increase the power it has to take action against businesses that fail to meet animal welfare standards. The change would allow East Lindsey District Council to refuse animal welfare licenses and revoke existing licenses much faster than it currently can. Animal welfare licenses are used byRead More →

A Camden County dog ​​breeder couple who gave sick puppies to customers have been charged with animal cruelty, authorities said Friday. People have told police the puppy showed signs of illness soon after it was purchased from Casey Gleockler, 40, and his wife, Kristina Gleockler, 39, at their Atco homeRead More →

The spouses who own a Camden County A dog breeding service is facing charges after allegedly selling sick puppies to customers, authorities said Friday. Police received two complaints that Casey Gleockler, 40, and his wife, Kristina Gleockler, 39, sold dogs in August from their Atco home that soon showed signsRead More →

The San Diego Public Library is launching a series of programs centered on the life and legacy of Clara E. Breed, it was announced Thursday. “The Rebellious Miss Breed: San Diego Public Library & the Japanese American Incarceration” includes exhibits, films, performances, book talks, and author talks. Clara Breed isRead More →