There are many benefits to participating in a breed association’s recreational riding program. Photo courtesy of the American Morgan Horse Association Recreational riding programs have long been an essential part of most horse breed associations’ offerings, helping to attract and retain members. Program participants often praise the track logs asRead More →

On December 13, it was reported that a network of breeders had been discovered illegally cropping dogs’ ears following a social media craze over the resulting “look”. The practice of cutting off a dog’s ears is called “trimming” or “cropping” and leaves dogs with significant health and behavioral issues. ADVERTISINGRead More →

Coccidiosis remains one of the costliest diseases for broiler producers. It is controlled by anticoccidials, vaccination or a combination of both. However, concerns about anticoccidial resistance and the advent of non-production of antibiotics (NAE) – which prohibits the use of anticoccidial antibiotics – have initiated a shift towards vaccination forRead More →

There are advantages to a multi-bull breeding program. First, in my mind is the fact that any bull can “go bad” at any time. It may not be obvious when it happens, and he can still breed cows. Also, if multiple cows come into heat at the same time, multipleRead More →