A golden retriever is the envy of social media after its owner shared a video chronicling the dog’s nighttime beauty routine. It is undeniable that the position of pets in the family hierarchy has changed considerably in recent times. Dogs, for example, were once considered man’s best friend, but nowRead More →

Still, Kuma was a challenge. Alexander took him several times to a canine psychologist to get his aggression under control – he never bit anyone, but “strongly asserts his dominance”. She had to find him a specialist vet after being rejected by the first one she tried. Kuma has settledRead More →

One of the lucky winners. Impulse decisions are always the best, and when someone on my Instagram offered a ticket to the Melbourne Cat Lovers Conference, my interest was piqued. After the cultural sensation that was tiger kingfollowed by the controversy over Justin Bieber’s two $35,000 Savannah cats, the worldRead More →

By David Galpernsummer partner at Fox Rothschild LLP, based in the firm’s Princeton office A recently enacted Virginia law amending Virginia Code § 3.2-6511.2 imposes strict requirements on commercial breeders of dogs and cats who sell animals “for experimental purposes,” such as research. Senate Bill 87 and its counterpart HouseRead More →

Vets are urging people to remember that English Bulldogs are “suffering.” /darrenirwin via AFP Vets are urging people to remember that English Bulldogs are “suffering.” /darrenirwin via AFP English Bulldogs are twice as likely to have common health problems as other dogs, a new study published in the journal CanineRead More →

In the UK there are more than twice as many Labradors registered as the next most popular breed, while in the US they have been the top dog every year since 1991. With the increase in dog ownership during the global pandemic and post-lockdown demand for four-legged friends that remainsRead More →

BUSINESSES will always have their pros and cons, and the pet farming industry is no different. The industry has flourished, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. “Pet farming has been very busy, especially in 2020-21 – the early part of the pandemic when many people were looking for a business toRead More →

Who doesn’t love dog videos? Well, if your answer is no, you’re probably a freak. But if you’re a dog lover like me, your Monday blues will go away watching this video. The video, which is going viral on social media, shows a Golden Retriever wandering fearlessly among tigers. It’sRead More →

3 month old female Labrador Retriever ‘CHARLIE’ joins Mangaluru City Police Canine Squad Mangaluru: Now the Mangaluru City Police Canine Squad has a new member, a three-month-old female Labrador Retriever “CHARLIE” was christened with that name in a simple christening ceremony at the kennel of the city. canine squad inRead More →

Sometimes it becomes apparent why golden retrievers have been given this particular nickname. That’s certainly the case with Bailey (@goldenlifeofbailey on Tiktok) who featured in a recent Tiktok video that went viral. The video, titled “Dad actually wasn’t happy at all….. #ohno #sea #swimming #HolidayModeActivated #dog #dogsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #foryoupage”,Read More →