A video listing the things that make this special Golden Retriever win the internet

We have to make one for our own dogs.

We all have special quirks, and when those special quirks come together, they make us truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Sharing these quirks with other people feels like a method of self-love, where we celebrate those things that make us unique. A puppy is leading the self-love movement by sharing an adorable video of things that make him special.

TikTok user @chasin_chester recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Chester, and the things that make him uniquely Chester! We absolutely love everything about this video. Check out the TikTok to get a glimpse of Chester’s quirks and celebrate his uniqueness with him!

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Awww, this pup is just too precious. We loved seeing all of Chester’s special qualities in action, but we think his debauchery is our favorite from the video!

People in the comments have pointed out Chester’s qualities that they find relevant. @reaper1gulf said, “He made me groan in the morning. I’m a morning cranky too,” and @gabs.l02 commented, “I too have excess squish and morning cranky .” Chester’s morning grunts are next level!

Others couldn’t fathom how adorable this pup is. @nastjaabel commented, “The cutest! Can’t get enough of Chester!” and @mkultra2022 said, “Oh my sweetness, that little face melts my heart.” We’d be shocked if Chester’s adorable face didn’t impress you!

Chester’s video is a wonderful celebration of individuality, and we think all of his quirks make him absolutely perfect. All puppies should post videos like Chester’s so we can see more delicious dog quirks!

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