Austin-based Labrador Retriever pays the rent by being cute

Sometimes it pays to have a paw game on your social media presence.

Arterra / Contributor I Getty Images

A brown Labrador.

A TikToker posted about how his dog cost him $200 and now his internet fame is paying his rent – ​​and it went viral on the app, according to Newsweek.

@tankthebrownlab The power of instagram #dogsofttiktok #fyp #puppytiktok #MACChallengeAccepted ♬ Major Bag Alert – Damickey Lillard

“Paying less than $200 for your dog and how it’s an internet star literally paying your rent,” creator Ally Floth wrote in the video. “The power of Instagram,” she captioned.

The video is set to the “Major Bag Alert” audio posted by Damickey Lillard but originally from the DJ Khaled song. It is often used to indicate that someone has entered a source of money or resources, often in a semi-ironic way.

@damedamian they get all the money @whoisthatwhitegirl ♬ Major Bag Alert – Damickey Lillard

TikTokers have long since found fame and sometimes even a viable life on the app. The video’s virality also comes at a time when many people in the United States are being squeezed by rising prices for housing, food and fuel.

The revelation that a $200 Labrador Retriever could pay his rent also inspired several ironic comments.

“These are the kind of dependents I need,” wrote one user.

“He dropped that [crown emoji]“, wrote’s TikTok account.

One user, however, expressed skepticism. ” How ? With 10,000? Really ? they wrote last month, appearing to refer to the number of subscribers Floth had at the time of its publication.

Floth now has over 117,000 followers on TikTok and over 177,000 on Instagram. She also adopted an additional Labrador, a yellow Lab named Fisher, who joins the first famous brown Lab, Tank.

The account’s Instagram reels and TikToks show that the dogs are adorable:

@tankthebrownlab Their teeth catch me every time

She’s also partnered with organic dog food brand Neo Bites, which offers a specific product called “Tank’s Bites.”

Floth says she’s based in Austin, Texas, where rent hit an all-time high from December to June, according to KVUE, an ABC affiliate. She did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.