Baby Golden Retriever’s Morning Greetings Video Is Absolutely Heartwarming

What a wonderful Taco pup is!

Dogs are so smart! How do they instinctively know that small children and babies in homes are also part of their pack? Even the most hesitant pup around a new baby will usually end up loving it as much as its adult owners with the right conditioning and patience.

That’s why we love seeing kids growing up with dogs! Not only does it teach them empathy and kindness towards animals, but studies have shown that children who own dogs have higher self-esteem and owning a dog can make them more cooperative and generous. Plus, the videos produced from those friendships are just too valuable. Just take a lot to the sweet Taco @Mostlyadorable waking up his human brother every day.

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How excited is he to be the first in every morning? So cute. How special for the child to grow up with this, as @Peter posts “These are essential memories for this child.” @Alex says “Tiktok better take me back in 7 years and show me that dog still wakes her up in the morning.” @Able sums up this whole situation perfectly “Being loved by a dog is the best gift of all.”

If you have a baby and are hesitant to add a dog to your family, consider this your sign. And then please post lots of videos so we can watch them grow together!

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