Berkshire Labrador retriever balancing everyday objects on his back

MEET Ollie the Labrador retriever who has a unique talent for balancing everyday objects on his back.

The clever dog learned to bow, and owner Alex Morgan thought it would be fun to take it a step further.

Six-year-old Ollie can hold objects ranging from a tall glass of water or an egg to a ukulele and even a Halloween pumpkin.

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He recently built an impressive following on TikTok and Instagram.

Ollie. 1 credit

Alex, 21, from Berkshire, said: “Ollie has always loved learning new tricks, but I didn’t really teach him how to bow until October last year.

“He picked it up so quickly, and he was so controlled and still, I thought it would be fun trying to balance something on his butt when he was in the air.

Ollie.  1 credit

Ollie. 1 credit

“I’ve seen loads of dogs throwing things on their heads, so I thought it would be really funny if Ollie could do that on his booty.

“The first thing I tried was a pumpkin for a Halloween photo and he did it easily. Ollie likes to get praise for doing his tricks so I decided to keep practicing and doing it. go get even crazier things.

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“Shortly after joining TikTok, I thought posting Ollie’s loot balance would make for a fun and unique video.

Ollie.  1 credit

Ollie. 1 credit

“People absolutely loved it and it got hundreds of thousands of likes in just 24 hours.

“He’s a very smart lad so it’s important that I keep him busy so he doesn’t get bored. Performing his tricks is a great way to keep him active and he loves the attention.

“I’m really proud that he’s a talented lad, he always works so hard on his tricks.

“Most dogs wouldn’t stand still long enough to balance such crazy objects, so Ollie is truly a special dog.”