Blunt-backed conservation bill would expand Missouri wildlife programs | State News

A bipartisan bill appears poised to revitalize federal funding for state wildlife conservation efforts, including Missouri projects ranging from restoring forests in the Bootheel to raising giant salamanders in the Ozarks.

Considered a “once in a generation” development and led by two U.S. senators with direct ties to Missouri, the Recover US Wildlife Act would give states an estimated $1.4 billion more for conservation each year, if it moves forward on Capitol Hill.

A map from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s action plan shows its target habitat areas for different types of wildlife.

“Allows agencies to plan”

Eastern Hell Masters

Eastern Hellbenders are one of two types of giant salamanders in the Ozarks region that are encompassed by the Department of Conservation’s plan.

Prairie Chickens

Greater prairie chickens depend on open expanses of permanent grassland.