Cerenovus Reveals Positive Stent Puller Thrombectomy Results in EXCELLENT Registry

Cerenovus, part of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, today announced top positive results from the real-world EXCELLENT registry, focused on removing stroke-inducing blood clots through mechanical thrombectomy, at the Society’s annual meeting today. of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) (November 16-19, 2022, Los Angeles, USA).

Launched by Cerenovus in 2018, the EXCELLENT Registry is considered the world’s largest acute ischemic stroke registry by the company, collecting patient data, imaging and clots on a per-pass basis, and leveraging a independent judgment by a central imaging and clinical events laboratory. Committee.

All patients enrolled in the registry were treated with Cerenovus EmboTrap II or EmboTrap III revascularization devices as first-line therapy. Offered in the company’s ischemic portfolio, the EmboTrap family of devices are next-generation stent retrievers designed to clear clots during mechanical thrombectomy procedures, ideally achieving first-pass recanalization.

The EXCELLENT registry aims to advance stroke care by characterizing the EmboTrap device across multiple hospitals using the technique of choice to reflect current practice patterns and evaluating clots retrieved to identify the potential impact that different compositions of clots can have on patient outcomes. The EXCELLENT data released today includes 1,000 ischemic stroke patients from 36 sites worldwide. According to a Cerenovus press release, key results collected from 2018 to present include:

  • 94.5% successful final reperfusion achieved with mixed techniques
  • Over 50% of patients completed procedures with a single pass of EmboTrap
  • Substantial first pass reperfusion of 63% and near complete reperfusion of 38.1%
  • Good to ideal clinical outcome in 46.8% of patients
  • A very low rate of symptomatic complications of 1.6% and 0.6% in cases with a single pass of EmboTrap

“The positive preliminary results of this research provide concrete results that demonstrate that advances are possible in mechanical thrombectomy procedures to treat ischemic stroke,” said Mark Dickinson, Global President of Cerenovus. “It is encouraging to see these positive results and to realize the impact this data can have in improving patient outcomes and changing the trajectory of stroke.”

The EXCELLENT registry is a large, multicenter, international cohort of ‘all-rounders’, comprising a wide range of stroke cases, including patients who were not considered good candidates for thrombectomy in the past. The clots will be analyzed by blinded central laboratories according to a standard protocol, which expands on previous scientific research into strokes conducted by Cerenovus’ Neuro Thromboembolic Initiative (NTI), the statement added.

To build on its findings to date, the EXCELLENT Registry is expanding to 1,000 additional stroke patients and will include new sites in China and Japan; the expanded study will also include the Cerenovus large-bore catheter, Embovac, to examine the impact of direct aspiration as a first-line treatment and allow researchers to study clots retrieved by both directional and retrieval aspiration of stent.