Deputies of the states of the Union will discuss new programs in agriculture in Minsk

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MOSCOW, Oct. 20 (BelTA) — New Union State programs and activities in agriculture and agricultural industry will be discussed at a meeting of the Agriculture Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the State of the Union in Minsk on October 27, BelTA learned from the press service of the Parliamentary Assembly.

“The deputies will discuss the development of new programs and activities of the State of the Union, namely “Development of a strategy and mechanisms to ensure the food security of the State of the Union in the face of external challenges and threats “, “Development of intelligent technologies and robotics for industrial horticulture”, “Development of digital technologies and automated machinery and equipment for dairy farming”, “Development of a methodology for the evaluation of new breeds, types , lines and crosses of farm animals for distinctness, uniformity, stability and resistance to diseases”, “Genomic breeding system of state farm animals of the Union of Belarus and Russia “, informed the press service.

It is planned to discuss the progress made in developing a uniform agrarian policy and integrating the information systems of the veterinary and phytosanitary control authorities of Belarus and Russia.

Representatives of the Union State Standing Committee, ministries and government agencies of Belarus and Russia were invited to participate in the event.