Environmental Programs – City of Burlington

The City of Burlington promotes a variety of environmental programs that you and your family can participate in. Discover some of the programs and get involved in preserving our natural landscapes and adopting sustainable habits.

Campaigns against idling

We provide anti-idling resources and lend banners to schools to encourage alignment with our idling by-law.

community cleanup

You can help keep our city clean and green by joining a community cleanup. Check BurlingtonGreen to find community cleanup events and see our trash cleanup events throughout the year.

Field and water rescue team

The Field and water rescue team runs several projects a year that rely on community volunteers to participate in and assist with cleanups, general waterway rehabilitation, and the planting of native trees and shrubs. The goal is to educate communities through hands-on activities and create a cleaner, more natural overall environment. Each cleanup removes debris and waste from streams and streams to reduce the entry of potential harmful materials into the Great Lakes, our freshwater resource. Cleanings also improve water flow and reduce standing water where mosquitoes breed.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup allows participants to sign up for a cleanup any time of the year, anywhere land is connected to water. Search the interactive map to lead or join a cleanup. Nearly 60,000 registrants cleaned up more than 2,000 shorelines across Canada in 2015, removing nearly 180,000 kilograms of litter from more than 3,000 kilometers of shoreline.

Halton Children’s Water Festival

The Halton Children’s Water Festival incorporates Ontario curriculum requirements to provide fun and hands-on learning activities each September. Nearly 60 interactive activities teach children in grades 2-5:

  • Water conservation and protection
  • Water Health and Safety
  • Water science and technology
  • Water and society

Halton Watershed Stewardship Program

Conservation Halton offers a free environmental assistance program to landowners in its jurisdiction called Halton Watershed Stewardship, formerly the Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program. The mission is to protect and restore natural areas and environmentally significant waterways, such as creeks and streams, within Conservation Halton’s watersheds.

stream of dreams

Conservation Halton’s stream of dreams teaches students about their local watershed and how to protect it. After the workshop, students can paint a fish to add to a Stream of Dreams fish mural on their school fence.

Yellow Fish Road Program

The Yellow Fish Road program teaches the importance of clean water and how individual actions can make a difference for an entire community.