Golden Retriever and Spaniel Mix Goes Viral With Their Unique Fur Characteristics

A cute golden retriever and cocker spaniel mix delighted TikTok users, with one person commenting, “Too much. So cute.”

“Have you ever wondered what a golden retriever cross spaniel looks like? asks TikTok user OakleyTheRetrieverSpaniel, in a video that has amassed over 222,000 views.

According to a 2020 University of New Hampshire study titled “Current Dog Breeding Practices Impacts on Health and Preservation of Purebred Dogs,” “As sediment shifts from viewing dogs as property to viewing family members, more attention has been paid to breeding dogs.”

Many people believe that mixed breed dogs are healthier and less susceptible to diseases, genetic issues, and illnesses than purebred dogs due to their mixed lineage. A study conducted between 1995 and 2010 and published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association examined 27,000 patient cases to determine the likelihood of occurrence of 24 of the most common hereditary diseases in dogs.

The researchers found that of the 24 disorders assessed, 13 were equally prevalent between purebred and mixed-breed dogs, and “many of those disorders that are often attributed to a specific breed are just as likely to be found in mixed-breed dogs, including common health issues such as lymphoma, mast cell tumor, specific heart conditions, hip dysplasia, and lens dislocation.”

Dog breeds. Image bank. Research suggests that as dogs become more family members than work animals or property, more attention has been paid to breeding.
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Responsible breeders are able to reduce the risk of some more common diseases in dogs through specific testing before combining dogs of any breed.

Known as the Golden Cocker Retriever, according to, the breed “has two of the most popular dog breeds as parents, making it a friendly, loving, and sociable family dog. Perfect for first-time pet owners. animals, the Golden Cocker Retriever is an active and intelligent dog, with both parents belonging to the Sporting Dog Group classification. They are also known for their loyalty and also enjoy playing outdoors.”

They suggest that size and appearance can vary due to the difference between the two breeds, and a litter size can be between four and 12 puppies. A Golden Cocker Retriever can cost between $800 and $2,000 due to it being a “designer dog”.

One user commented, “What a great combo.”

Ollie And Belle said: “Sounds like my so-called cocker spaniel. I always said she had some retriever in her.”

User Georgia Jeffers wrote, “I ran into one while camping over the weekend. Normally I don’t like crosses, but [it] was breathtaking.”

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