Golden Retriever And Toddler Hide And Seek Game Is Too Cute For Words

It’s two peas in a pod!

Children love to play hide and seek. We’d say it’s a favorite game among most little ones. But for us, the adults who play with it, it can get old quickly. That’s why it’s time to teach someone else in the house how to play.

This is what happened for TikTok user @mmcgroder. This TikToker’s toddler was playing hide and seek with the Golden Retriever. Yes, you read that right ! You have to watch this clip, but fair warning, it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

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OMG We don’t know if we’ve ever seen anything more valuable than this. Forget our future children who first learn the numbers or the alphabet. We would teach them to play hide and seek with the dog before anything else. LOL!

@momwhodrinks4 commented, “The fact that she covers her eyes indicates that the heart is melting.” Right!? We love how the dog didn’t even care that she did that. It’s as if he knew that was the rule! “I can’t decide what I like the most! Little feet chattering, eyes covered or her pure enjoyment in this game with Sully,” said @momservations. We are so in love with it all! Every thing in this video is so adorable.

“Well, did he find it?” Way to leave us on a cliffhanger,” @abbythedalmatian wrote. For real though! People, all 4.3 million who watched, want to know how it ended! Don’t worry, she posted a second clip and a spoiler alert – part two is even cuter!

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We no longer thought our hearts could melt from kindness, but after watching this, it does!

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