Golden Retriever brings a ball every time his doggie friend walks past his house. Watch | Tendency

Looking for a pet video? Looking for a video to cheer you up? If the answers to the previously mentioned questions are yes, then a clip that captures a sweet bond between two Golden Retriever dogs might help. “The cutest friendship you’ve ever seen,” read the caption posted alongside the video. The video is too cute to miss. It can also make you say “aww.”

An Instagram page dedicated to the Golden Retriever dog named Lady shared the video. The page has over 2.7 lakh followers on the meta-owned platform who eagerly await the daily content featuring the dog. The video opens with a woman saying, “Our neighbor’s dog brings my dog ​​a ball every time we pass his house.” It then shows a Golden Retriever dog giving a ball to his doggie friend Lady, another Golden Retriever dog whose catching skills aren’t quite on point.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared 18 hours ago, the video has garnered over 1.1 lakh views and nearly 19,000 likes. The share also received several comments.

“The friendship we didn’t know we needed,” read a comment from a page dedicated to a Golden Retriever dog named Sterling Newton. “So sweet,” read another response from a Mini Dachshund dog named Bruno with a heart emoticon. “Aww, has ma’am mastered the take,” a third comment from a doggo page on Instagram.

One Instagram user wrote: “Bring the ball – smooth. Catch the ball – legendary.” “That’s so sweet. Share!!” expressed another with several emoticons. A third shared, “The greatest adventure I’ve ever seen.” “It looks like they think they are long lost siblings. So adorable! commented a fourth Insta user.

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