Golden Retriever Dad’s Sweet Reaction to Meeting His Puppies Couldn’t Be Sweeter

Kevin was so thrilled to meet his mini-me.

We all know it’s common for a mom dog to be with her puppies. She spends weeks with the fluffy little monsters, caring for them and treating them. Then comes the time when these puppies are adopted. So when does the dog father meet his babies? The reality is that sometimes a dog dad never meets his little ones. But not always! This video from TikTok doggo @agoldennamedkevin shows us how fun it can be for dog dads to meet their puppies.

Kevin, a Golden Retriever, got ready to meet his little puppies. His owner dressed him in his famous duck hat and off they went. Once we arrived, all the little Kevins were waiting with big smiles on their faces. They just knew it was dad! But trust us, the sweetness doesn’t stop there. Watch what happens when Kevin meets them, you won’t be disappointed!

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OMG Have you seen anything so precious? ! They are all so adorable that you can’t even. And don’t get us started on those duck hats. So nice that Kevin brought them matching hats. The photo of everyone wearing duck hats is probably the greatest photo ever.

“The duck hat on Kevin is so adorable and my heart melted when I saw the puppies too!!” commented @anarchy0713. Right?! This video is an instant mood booster for sure. @moragmcniven added, “I think this might be my favorite golden video! Absolutely taped!” It’s definitely our favorite too! There’s so much kindness that we can’t handle it.

And we can’t forget to mention how calm and sweet Kevin was when he met the puppies. It’s as if he knew they were his with just a sniff. “The Kevinlings are so adorable!! Just like their dad!” said @moominsoos. LOL! Forget calling them puppies, they’re forever Kevinlings!