Golden Retriever dog chooses between broccoli and celery in funny video. Watch | Tendency

When it comes to healthy eating, it can get quite difficult for humans and their little pets to keep up. And in this video that was shared on Instagram and went viral of sorts, we can see this healthy eating choice made by the most adorable Golden Retriever dog. The video opens to show the dog in frame as he prepares to choose between two very healthy foods – a broccoli floret and a piece of celery. The video was originally shared on a page dedicated to three cute dogs, one of which can be seen in this video.

As the video progresses, we see this dog’s human making him taste these two foods first. Once this is done, the dog is free to choose between these two healthy food options that are available to him. And in the funniest way, viewers find out which of the two foods this adorable pooch prefers over the other. The video was captioned with “This or that?”

Take a look at the video right here:

Posted on September 7, this video has already received more than 69,000 likes.

“Dog has spoken, broccoli is better,” one Instagram user commented. “He didn’t know which one he hated the most,” another individual hilariously pointed out. “He licked that first one with such an attitude,” a third remarked.