Golden Retriever Dog Sees Omelet Being Made On TV, Thinks It’s Real | Tendency

Pets, whether dogs or cats, sometimes react to videos shown on television. Clips that capture these adorable little munchkins mistaking what’s shown on TV for something happening in real life are adorable to watch. That’s exactly what can be seen happening in this particular video that was shared on Instagram and features a Golden Retriever dog getting bamboozled while watching TV. The video was shared on the Instagram page dedicated to this Golden Retriever dog named Skylar. The dog has nearly 45,500 followers on the Instagram page filled with photos and videos of his daily adventures and funny antics. The dog’s bio on Instagram says he is a “sweet and sassy pup.”

The video shows the Golden Retriever dog sitting in front of a TV. A cooking show is broadcast there where you can see people making omelettes. But lo and behold, this cute pooch thinks it’s for real and starts “having a conversation” which is explained using text inserts throughout the viral video. “I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Does your dog watch TV? reads the caption posted with the video.

Watch the video right here:

Posted on August 15, this video has more than 1.3 million views so far. “Haha and yes, especially when there are doggos on TV!” commented an Instagram user, in response to the captioned question. “Skylar knows what’s up with omelettes,” posted another. “Aww what a sweet baby, think she can get part of the egg. So cute,” wrote a third.