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Golden Retriever eating corn on the cob has gone viral

Watch: Golden Retriever eating corn on the cob has gone viral

  • The video received over a million views.
  • it was shared on Instagram.
  • The viral video explaining why the Golden Retriever puppy named Maui loves corn.

Do you like snacking on corn on the cob? If you answered yes, you will undoubtedly relate to a video of a Golden Retriever dog eating on the same. Whether you prefer it boiling hot, bathed in butter or lightly spiced, watching the film will fill your heart with delight and have you craving it right away.

The video was posted by the Golden Retriever Instagram page, which captioned it, “When the one and only Maui fell in love with corn, he becomes a uniCORN.” They also included a caveat. “While corn is a healthy snack for dogs in moderation, the cob can be dangerous if ingested, so please hold the corn or just offer the peeled grain for food,” he said. .

The viral video capturing why the Golden Retriever puppy named Maui loves corn begins with the line “To me, I really love corn.” He then points to another dog, who most likely asks Maui, “What do you like about corn?” The dog then explains to his fuzzy buddy that corn is a large piece of grain with juice and shows his admiration.

The video has received over a million views since it was shared on August 25. She also received over 64,590 likes and a number of comments.

“Corn is delicious,” said a Mini Dachshund Instagram page. “Maui-corn,” another Instagram page called The Berner Bunch remarked. “Maui, you have the cutest little teefs ever, and you make a fantastic unicorn,” said a third Instagram dog page dedicated to a Labrador.

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