Golden Retriever Fin walks his fluffy soft toy

It is a known fact that dogs are man’s most loyal companions. Cute videos of these furry animals are sure to brighten anyone’s day and ward off the Monday blues. Many such clips continue to surface on our social media feeds, which brings a smile to our face. Speaking of which, a similar video of a dog walking his stuffed animal is going viral and it will definitely make your day. We know how excited dogs get when their human friends take them for a walk, but this time it was the animal’s turn to indulge his toy.

A video shared by an Instagram handle dedicated to Finley, a golden retriever, shared video of him walking around with one of his stuffed toys. Finely carried her toy friend in her mouth and down a trail. The short clip that was shared in May is going viral again.

“Her little wobble,” the caption read along with hashtags like “when you can’t go anywhere without your thing,” “walking time,” “happy boi” and “life’s precious moments.” The text of the video reads: “When you walk your biggest plush.”

The post received over 1,40,000 likes and netizens are expressing their love for the animal in the comments section.

“That’s sweet. Hope to see the extended version,” one comment read. “Aww can I play with you and your stuffed toy,” another comment read.

This is the last post on the account and nothing else has been shared for over three months now. Some of the followers have therefore also expressed their concerns about the well-being of the dog.

” We miss you. Hope all is well,” said one user. “Hey, End fam, it’s been a while since you’ve been active. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to more stories and posts,” another user commented. “Where’s Fin? We miss his kindness,” one user commented, looking sad.

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