Golden Retriever meets a little bird at the park. Watch what happens next | Tendency

Are you looking for a video that can cheer you up and make you laugh out loud? So here’s a video showing a hilarious encounter between a very active Golden Retriever and an indifferent little bird. Shared on Instagram, the video is a delight to watch.

The clip is posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the Golden Retriever named Hudson. The video is posted with a short but sweet caption imagining the dog’s thoughts. “I thought I saw a tweety birb, I did, I saw a tweety birb,” it read.

The video opens to show the bird sitting on a sidewalk with Hudson standing in front of it. At first, the dog becomes very curious and approaches the bird to observe it. However, soon the pooch backs off and starts barking, probably trying to figure out what the creature is. The video ends with the bird flying away. The text inserts used in the video make it even more hilarious to watch.

Take a look at the clip:

The video was posted about 17 hours ago. Since it was uploaded, it has garnered some 45,000 views. The video also garnered nearly 3,700 likes. People posted various comments to show their reactions to the video.

“Good job buddy,” one Instagram user liked. “I’m with you Hud – never know what they’re thinking. Very suspicious,” another shared. “I love his confused and curious attitude with the birdie!!” expressed a third. adorable,” wrote a fourth.