Golden Retriever meets Grandma for the first time, their link video wins hearts | Tendency

The bond that grandparents share with their pets is quite inexplicable as they make their lives so much more joyful. For example, this video posted online that captures a sweet bond between a grandmother and a Golden Retriever dog. The video is heartwarming and will leave you smiling for the rest of the day.

“He will miss her when she leaves,” read part of the caption posted alongside the video along with a pleading face emoji and several hashtags. The caption added, “My family is from Japan now (first time in the US!). It’s been three years since I’ve seen them, and this is the first time Lady has met them. I grew up with them. 7 rescue dogs and I got a Golden was my mother’s dream. It warms my heart to see them bond like this. Does your family live near you?”

Text inserted into the video reads: “Watch my dog ​​bond with grandma she didn’t know she had.” The clip shows Grandma spending time with Golden Retriever Lady on the beach, teaching her the Japanese way of greeting, asking her for kisses and hugs, and playing with her.

Watch the lovely video below:

Since posting a day ago, the video has amassed over 96,000 views and racked up nearly 13,500 likes. The sharing also prompted people to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“Why I love your grandma and never met her,” read one response from a doggo page dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Sterling Newton. Another dog page dedicated to a dog named Bruno, a mini dachshund, wrote: “Oh this is so heartwarming.” “Grandmothers are the best…they spoil us!” commented on a third Insta page devoted to a Golden Retriever dog named Scout. “The best grandma no one ever knew. So happy you’re having the best family reunion,” wrote a fourth Instagram page dedicated to a dog.

“Aww just lost my dog. My grandma loved my dog ​​and spoke to him in Russian,” one person shared. “Lady could end up in grandma’s luggage, lol!” joked another. “Such sweetness,” expressed a third with heart emojis. “It was such soul food to watch,” commented a fourth.