Golden Retriever Puppy Using Dad As Human Dog Bed Melts Hearts: ‘Feeling Safe’

An adorable video of a golden retriever pup using his dad as a human dog bed has gone viral on TikTok with over 800,000 views.

In the video, posted to the @barneymccarthy page, Barney the pup can be seen lying on his back in his dad’s arms in the sunshine at a Chicago-based brewery, Pilot Project Brewing, with his legs stretched out and his eyes closed, feeling clearly relaxed and safe.

At one point, Barney’s owner turns him over to show two delighted onlookers the peaceful pup.

The brewery commented on the post, “Now that’s too good. We’re honored to be hosting these phenomenal times,” to which the original poster replied, “We’ll definitely be back.”

According to the website, golden retrievers typically sleep on their backs because “it helps them stay cool.” After all, it is a breed of dog that has a lot of hair. This large amount of hair can make them hotter faster. , but they can feel cool when their undersides are exposed.”

It’s clear that Barney the puppy shows he’s comfortable and content in his dad’s arms, even if it means he can’t reach for his beer.

Sleep upside down. Image bank. Golden Retrievers would sleep upside down while they cool down.
Sena Yigiter/Getty Images

The site also reports that golden retrievers can sleep on their backs as they feel more comfortable because “they are big dogs with lots of fur that gets all over the place, and that usually means they can be found to sleep on the floor or in more uncomfortable places than small dogs.”

Another reason the site suggests is that golden retrievers sleep on their backs because they’re trying to be submissive to their owner. when golden retrievers sleep on their backs.”

According to the American Kennel Club, the golden retriever was ranked the number three most popular dog breed in the United States in 2021.

It’s not hard to see why, when engaged workers in hunting and field work, guides for the blind and disabled, proficient in search and rescue scenarios, like to be obedient and competitive. , are relatively easy to train and are a joy to be around when not at work.

User Tommy commented: “When the sun hits perfectly and you feel safe.”

User Julielulielu said, “Oh that’s so cute! They don’t stay small for long, so keep holding it for as long as you can.”

User JoJo commented, “He turns around like ‘Look mah bebe! “”

User Tgrif wrote: “The oooohhhhing and aaaaahhhhing must have been non-stop from the people around you!”

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