Golden Retriever Reacts To His Human’s Bride And Gets Beach Zooms | Tendency

Most people consider dogs an inseparable part of their family because not only do they participate in their happy and joyful times, but they also share their sadness and grief. And a video that has surfaced on social media is a good example. The now viral video shows how a Golden Retriever dog reacted when his human got engaged. The video is a pure delight to watch and can leave you smiling from ear to ear.

The video, re-shared by an Instagram page that uses the username dogsofinstagram, is credited to Instagram user Madison who is a nutrition coach. “Sonny reacts appropriately to his humans getting engaged,” read the caption shared with the video along with multiple hashtags, including #dogzoomies and #beachzoomies. The video opens with text that reads, “She thought we were taking a picture. It then progresses to show a man getting down on one knee to propose to a woman. The woman’s dog, who was watching the beautiful moment, couldn’t control his excitement and started running up and down the beach.

Watch the viral video below:

Since it was re-shared on August 22, the video has received more than a million views and several comments from individuals and Instagram pages dedicated to dogs.

“Absolutely stealing the show,” read a comment from an Insta page dedicated to a Mini Dachshund dog named Bruno. Another response from a therapy dog ​​named Charlie was, “How expensive! Somspeciao and even Sonny knew that! Congratulations! I love your buddy and friend Georgia, Charlie.” “That’s so adorable! Congratulations!” read a comment from a third Insta page dedicated to the dog named Bentley.

“So beautiful, what a sweet proposition, and of course Sunny was adorable,” one Instagram user wrote. Another expressed, “It’s so beautiful and so sweet!” “Congratulations. All the best. God bless you,” posted a third.