Golden Retriever Rescue Resource wants to end backyard breeding

Golden retrievers are a popular dog breed, but they’re also filling rescues across the country right now.

WATERVILLE, Ohio – The golden retriever is the third most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club. But although they are wanted, many end up unwanted and in a refuge.

Amy Gheres, president of Waterville-based Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, said almost all golden retriever rescues in the country are full right now, with the majority of dogs coming from puppy mills or low-cost breeders. court.

“People aren’t educated on what to look for in a good breeder and so they don’t realize what they’re buying is a puppy that’s probably going to have a lot of health issues down the road,” she said. .

The rescue of Gheres has 22 dogs placed in foster families, all volunteers.

Barb Gardner has been in foster care for five years and currently has 3-year-old Nimbus, who has no tail.

“She got stuck in the birth canal, we know that,” Gardner said. “It is our understanding and we have been told that the mother chewed off the tail.”

She also has 7-month-old Cinnamon, who was taken to the vet after her walk seemed unusual.

“They did x-rays and her right hip is totally disconnected, right and left hip dysphasia and she also has subluxated knees,” Gardner said.

Nimbus and Cinnamon’s conditions are both direct results of poor breeding, Gheres said, and the only way to end the cycle is through reputable breeders or adopting from a specific rescue. to race.

Gheres said it was an enriching experience.

“Just to see the tail wagging, eating out of your hand,” she said.

For those unable to host but still want to help, Gheres said transporting rescue dogs is also important.

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