Hilarious Golden Retriever Trying To Eat Omelet On TV Goes Viral

A dog named Skylar has gone viral for his reaction to seeing a chef making an omelet on TV, and the internet is now begging his owner to make him eggs.

In a video shared last Tuesday on TikTok, by SKYLAR the Golden Retriever, the dog can be seen overly excited watching “Billions omelet” on TV, scratching the screen as the chef comes out with an omelet, trying to get a mouthful.

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The reel went viral, receiving over 259,100 likes, 1,537 comments and 10,200 shares in less than 24 hours, and it comes with a caption that reads, “We were watching TV and Skylar saw someone do an omelet : “

One user commented, “Can you make her some eggs and show us she eats them please? She deserves all the eggs.”

Another user remarked, “You don’t even care if Skylar scratches the TV screen lol.”

One wondered, “How can some dogs ‘see or watch’ television? Mine didn’t watch TV once, even after putting birds on it or something.

Another joked: “Uhmm excuse me, I would like to place an order 1 extra large for me pzzzzz”

After reading the comments on the video, Skylar’s mother shared another video saying that it’s true that Skylar deserves all the eggs but they didn’t have any at home, and she would make him soon eggs and would post a video.

Newsweek has contacted SKYLAR the Golden Retriever for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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A file image shows a golden retriever. A dog named Skylar has gone viral for his reaction to seeing an omelet on TV.
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