Images of the Golden Retriever being ‘best boy’ at his parents’ wedding are too perfect

You can tell he was so proud to be part of their day.

Weddings are special events that are meant to be shared with the people you love the most. As animal lovers, it makes sense for us to include our pets in the occasion. A couple ignored warnings to exclude their dog from their wedding ceremony and had amazing results.

TikTok user @codygoldenretriever1 recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Cody, to show his involvement on their wedding day. Watch the video below to see why people were concerned about Cody’s role in the ceremony and how he allayed their concerns.

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OMG, he’s a good puppy. That first clip of Cody covered in mud was too funny, but he cleaned up really well for his paw’s wedding day. Cody performed as the best boy and their photos came out amazing. We are so happy for this family.

People in the comments loved Cody’s involvement in the ceremony and found inspiration for their own weddings. @audreymp_25 said, “This good boy was on a mission to make this day even more awesome, and he succeeded.” Another user, @zoemarie1234, commented, “I’m going to do the same with my boys at my wedding! I only look at places that allow dogs.” All dog parents know that the most important part of planning a wedding is figuring out how to include their puppies!

Others thought Cody was just too adorable! @becoming_god_size commented, “He’s classier than most guests I bet” and @luissam63 said, “He looked great, what a great way to include him.” Cody loves his mom and dad too much to do anything to ruin their special day.

We’ve seen a lot of videos about dogs in weddings lately, and we hope this trend continues! Wedding ceremonies are fun, but they instantly improve with the inclusion of pets.

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