In Adelphi, new online semester programs for adults

Adelphi University offers half-semester online programs for adult learners.

Offered through the university’s College of Career and Continuing Studies, the program is designed to meet the needs of “non-traditional students” who often balance work and family. The college offers intensive, asynchronous seven-and-a-half-week online programs in liberal studies and business.

Completely online, the programs offer students a flexible option designed to fit into their lives.

Andy Atzert, dean of Adelphi’s CPCS, said in a statement that condensed courses allow adult learners “to focus on fewer lessons, with fewer teachers and fewer academic goals at any one time.”

Tuition is cheaper than tuition for other Adelphi programs, and half-semester courses can be especially cost-effective, depending on the university.

Adelphi’s CPCS Panther Potential program, which readmits former Adelphi students who left at least three years ago to graduate, offers financial incentives and forgiveness of previous debt that can “significantly reduce the cost of earning a degree,” according to the university.

Candidates receive advance guidance to help them personalize their learning experiences.

“Faculty members work with them to assess their resumes to determine what credit for prior learning from their life experience and certificates they might be eligible for,” said Sandra Castro, associate dean of the program, in a statement. “Veterans or police officers, for example, would probably get credit for their achievements.”

The program’s instructors have doctoral degrees “and are often professionals who share their expertise with their students,” Castro said. Professors have incorporated office hours, time for one-on-one meetings, and virtual discussion forums into their lesson designs.

Students have the same access to Adelphi’s student support offices, library and writing center as traditional students.

Overall, our goal is to provide mature students with the support they need for future success,” Castro said.