Labrador Retriever’s Fur Turns From Black To White And People Are Mesmerized

Labrador retriever Blaze developed vitiligo when he was around 10, meaning his black coat slowly developed white spots – and people love his unique ‘beautiful’ look

Blaze has had a black coat for most of his life

Blaze the Labrador Retriever was born with a pure black coat and for most of his life he stayed that way.

He lives in Finland with his owner Santeri, and the ten-year-old boy loves spending his time outdoors, walking in the woods and swimming in the lakes.

Last year, Santeri noticed that a small patch of white fur had grown on his ear, and the slowing color change began to spread over his head and down his body.

He left Blaze with a truly unique coloring of white and black spots, and he melted the hearts of thousands of strangers with his “beautiful” appearance.

A white patch of fur developed on his ear and began to spread



Now it’s a real mix of black and white spots



It happened because Blaze has vitiligo, a condition more commonly associated with humans, where white patches develop on the skin.

Other than making him look good, Santeri told Bored Panda it has no other effect on Blaze, who still enjoys a healthy life full of energy and exploration.

Santeri uploaded a photo of Blaze to the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, which has nearly a million members, writing, “Blaze’s favorite place in the house. He’s sitting next to the table to eat (black labrador with vitiligo).”

The handsome dog is followed by nearly 2,000 people on Instagram



The post was shared over 1,200 times and received 2,800 comments as others were mesmerized by her color-changing coat.

One replied, “I didn’t know dogs could get vitiligo! That makes it even more beautiful!”

Another said, “He’s so gorgeous with his white fur! He’s really unique.”

A third wrote: “Wow he is so unique! Handsome.”

Santeri told Bored Panda, “The white color started spreading from a small spot on his ear. Interestingly, all of his siblings still remain single-colored.

“He’s 10 now and got a few nicknames because of his age, like ‘the old man’ and ‘the funny old man’.

“Blaze is a healthy and very energetic guy. He is always ready to join you wherever you go. He likes to make people happy and make them smile.”

You can follow Blaze on Instagram here.