Look at Stella, the Labrador Retriever whose bombardment of leaves fascinates us every fall

stella the lab profile jumping in piles of autumn leaves

Courtesy of dognamedstella / TikTok

Some of us feel like falling for the joy it brings with the weather of sweaters, pumpkin things, and beautiful scenery. And then there’s Stella, a Labrador retriever who loves nothing more than cannonballing into colossal piles of crunchy leaves.

Known as the Queen of the Leaves, the 9-year-old English Lab has gone viral over the years for her leaps for the leaves and her adorable personality. His enthusiasm for the season earned him 433,000 followers on Instagram and 389,000 on TikTok. (Note: she also likes to destroy snowmen in the winter.)

In his videos, you’ll see Stella and her doggy sister, Mabel, along with a few of their four-legged and two-legged besties in their happy place. Stella and her family live in Maine, which would explain the large amount of stunning fall foliage.

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Stella’s father, Jody Hartman, explained on Instagram that his leaf jumping began in October 2014 when he was raking “the obscene amount of leaves” in their garden that fall.

“Stella just tossed her little Labrador body into a giant pile without any prompting and disappeared,” he wrote. “I took out the life orb (i.e. his tennis ball) to get things done and I took out the camera for documentation.”

With a background in multimedia, video, graphic design and marketing, Hartman said creating content with Stella and Mabel took him beyond a hobby. And we are then grateful for the masterpieces he and Stella have created together.

Below are five of our favorite Stella videos that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Stella’s enthusiasm for fall is truly unmatched

One of the purest and brightest videos you’ll ever see: Stella reveling in her piles of leaves on “Colors of the Wind” by Pocahontas.

His humans also join in on the leaf-jumping fun

Is there anything better than having fun the old fashioned way? The humans of Stella show us that they too fall in love with autumn, literally.

It doesn’t get any healthier than this

It’s the little tail wag that does it for me.

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Of course Stella loves spooky season

Alexa, play “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell. Stella proves she immerses herself in her favorite time of year by sometimes being spooky and cute.

She even has an alter ego… ‘Judith the Pupperfly’

Wearing a butterfly costume, Stella—er, Judith—prepares for a majestic takeoff and endless zooms. She really is here living her best life.

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