Man Shares 5 Things His Golden Retriever Taught His Puppy And It’s Beyond Cute

What a wonderful teacher she is!

Do you know why it’s great to have a puppy for your dog? You always have a teacher to show them new things! It’s the perfect system, as one man online knows all too well. TikTok creator @elliegoldenlife relies on her Golden to run things in their home and watching Ellie show young dog Emma the ropes is so perfect.

Ellie and Emma generally get along well, but recent videos show just how close their bond really is. “The 5 things my adult Golden taught my pup,” the video’s onscreen caption reads. Ellie is the best teacher ever; in the pictures, she shows Emma how to snack, do a high five, jump in water and many other very important life skills. See for yourself in the video below.

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“What will Ellie teach Emma next??” their owner Kevin Bubolz wondered in the caption.

The video has since been viewed over 317,000 times and many people in the comments section praised the dog’s father for raising two dogs with such a special connection. “I’m so happy they met and the world has double the smiles now!” @puppeylove gushed. “Awwww so cute! Plus Emma is getting so fat, I’m shocked!!” @flyingnowhere wrote. “FYI this is too cute and I officially can’t,” @thefishingmommy added. “I am obsessed with you and your dogs, they are adorable!!!!” @.1vccy_ exclaimed.

The couple even worked together to find their owner during a game of taste and search. Check it out!

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Okay, they’re the smartest girls ever!