National Success for Kyneton Breeders

A small kennel of Kyneton has won four titles at the Labrador National.

Morndew Labradors were awarded Best Breeders Team, Best Dam and Progeny, Best Baby Puppy In Show and Best Minor Puppy In Show at the event held in Brisbane last month.

“We are delighted with our results,” Hugh Vardon of Morndew told the Express.
The Labrador National is the most prestigious Labrador championship competition, obedience test and retrieval test in Australia, held every two years.

Mr Vardon said kennels and Labrador enthusiasts have come from all over Australia and New Zealand to show off their dogs.

“We have always done well at nationals over the years. This year my youngest son Julian came with me and 10 of our dogs that we had trained, cared for and prepared for the event,” he said. -he declares.

“It was a huge road trip of about 3500km over six days, well worth all the hard work.”

In fact, nine of the 10 dogs at the kennel placed – a feat in itself at a show with over 260 dogs entered.

“All our dogs are Morndew dogs, bred, trained and bred at Kyneton, we have an exceptional gene pool with the help of modern science, free from most hereditary diseases, producing a stock that is true to the type and temperament of the labrador,” Mr. Vardon said.

“We are constantly striving to maintain and even improve our genetic heritage by importing bloodlines from some of the most respected Labrador families from around the world.”