Pet mom records Golden Retriever hugging her every day. Watch the adorable video | Tendency

The sweet moments animals share with their parents often make people smile. One such video was recently uploaded and since it was shared, it has people hooked. The video shows a Golden Retriever hugging his mother daily. It is possible that the clip will also make you happy.

“Who needs extra hugs today? Sparty gives the best hugs,” reads the caption posted with the video. The video shows how the dog calmly comes over to his mom to give her warm hugs. goldie.swag Instagram page dedicated to some Golden Retriever siblings.

Take a look at the sweet video:

The video was shared about 18 hours ago. Since its release, the clip has racked up over 35,000+ views. The share also garnered nearly 2,800 likes. People posted various comments reacting to the video.

“The cutest hugs,” posted one Instagram user. “Not me crying,” expressed another. “Aww how cute. Do they do it for free or do you give them food after kissing them?” asked a third. To which, the original poster replied, “Sparty does it for free , he also loves hugs and will stay like that for a few minutes.” A fourth Instagram user wrote, “What a good boy! I want one!”