Sean Payton thinks he’ll coach again because he’s a ‘recoverer’

Head coach Sean Payton, a former Super Bowl champion, was quick to say he probably didn’t play his last NFL game from the sidelines.

Shortly after leaving the New Orleans Saints in January, Payton said he doesn’t believe he’s “done coaching” for good, and the 58-year-old currently a FOX analyst NFL recently admitted he could return to coaching “if the right situation presents itself.”

While speaking with NBC Sports’ Peter King for King’s latest ‘Football Morning in America’ column, Payton compared himself to a ‘retriever’ saying he needs other people’s ‘company’ .

“When you go online and you go buy a dog and if you’re single, living in an apartment, they’ll give you four or five breeds that are very comfortable if they never see a human being. Okay” Then , if you’re in a family of five and you’re going to buy a dog, I would definitely be someone who wants to be there and interact with people,” Payton explained. “The camaraderie of the staff and the locker room with the Saints miss me. I’m starting to feel a bit of that with TV in the studio.”

Payton confessed that after the Week 2 game between the Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Buccaneers’ 20-10 victory on Sept. 18 gave him a twinge of missing his old gig.

“I missed being part of the draft. I always enjoyed that process. But the other afternoon, watching and seeing the type of game that was going on, that’s one of those times,” Payton said. “There’s nothing better than being part of the success with your players and your fellow coaches. It’s hard to replace that. People try all kinds of ways to do it.

“Do I think I’m going to coach again this coming season? Or maybe a better way would be, do I think I’m going to coach again? I think at some point I going to coach again. That being said, as you strive for perfection in that other career, it’s one of those things where if you feel like you keep improving and those people who are experts in it, if the others feel like, hey, he can be really, really good, that’s the kind of thing that draws you in. Now, if they’re like, don’t quit your day job, then that’s an easy decision. ”

Payton has been linked to the Dallas Cowboys on several occasions, in part because he spent three years working for that franchise in the 2000s before taking the Saints job. Current Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has the club 1-1 going into the “Monday Night Football” game at the New York Giants 2-0, which is impressive considering starting quarterback Dak Prescott injured his thumb. Week 1 September 11.