SF Announces $4 Million Investment in Academic and Career Readiness Programs

SAN FRANCISCO—On June 30, the mayor of San Francisco revealed an investment she is proposing in her budget to support San Francisco United District Office of Academic and Career Readiness (SFUSD) programs. With the continued support of Supervisor Gordon Mar, the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), and SFUSD staff, Mayor Breed’s budget allocates $4 million to the school-readiness program. college and career next year.

“As our students continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we must do everything we can to invest in programs that meet their academic needs and prepare them for a prosperous future,” Mayor Breed said. “San Francisco Unified School District’s college and career readiness programs ensure that students are supported on their path to post-secondary success by building on the initiatives included in our Children’s Recovery Plan and the city-wide family. Investing in the future of our city’s students remains a top priority for me, and I look forward to working with SFUSD on expanding these initiatives.

The College and Career Readiness Office helps students succeed in college through a multi-phased process. SFUSD conducts targeted outreach activities, typically focusing on rising 11th and 12th graders who would benefit from the Office’s College and Career Readiness programs. Additionally, SFUSD also seeks to conduct early intervention to guide rising 10th graders toward the on-ramp to post-secondary success.

“Early College provides critical opportunities for young people to gain college credit as well as real-world experience through internships. Last year, I advocated for a budget allocation to maintain this summer program, in supporting a wide range of high school students through SFUSD Today’s investment with Mayor Breed will build on this progress to benefit today’s students, while paving the way for educators, workers , leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” said supervisor Gordon Mar.

After initial outreach, SFUSD works with students to identify their area of ​​professional interest, ranging from education and child development, biotechnology, engineering, automotive science, construction, health and ethnic studies. Once a student identifies an area of ​​interest, SFUSD’s College and Career Readiness team helps them find, enroll in, and complete a Vocational Technical Education (CTE) course. ) at City College of San Francisco.

Some additional benefits include:

-Free tuition and loan textbooks

-Practice successful collegial behaviors and explore possible career areas

– Meet high school requirements

-Cost savings: some courses are transferable UC/CSU for general education credits

“At SFUSD, we strive for all of our students to realize their potential and abilities,” said Jenny Lam, president of the San Francisco Board of Education. “We know that students who take advantage of SFUSD college prep programs are more likely to attend – and complete – college. We are extremely grateful to Mayor Breed and the City for their generous support and recognition of the importance of these programs.

Students also have the opportunity to gain professional skills in their chosen area of ​​interest through a paid summer internship. This summer, 668 students were placed in paid summer internships, ranging from working at district-run summer schools to working at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Some students receive a stipend for their summer work, while most earn $17.34 an hour.

After completing their summer internships, students receive support to take their next step after graduation. For many students, this means enrolling in a college or university. Last year, of 413 12th graders who participated in an internship as part of the college and career preparation program, 70% enrolled in a college or university within a year of high school. a number 3.5% higher than the district average. Of these 413 students, 113 enrolled at City College of San Francisco.

Demand for paid internships and dual enrollment through SFUSD’s College and Career Readiness Office exceeds available slots. In 2022, SFUSD received 1,900 applications for only 668 internship offers. Strong demand and strong results demonstrate the need for continued resources and funding.

“We are excited to increase the impact of the curriculum and internships of these programs. During the summer, our high school youth will deepen their learning, gain job skills and earn a salary in a post-secondary education setting,” said DCYF Executive Director Maria Su. “The City continues its commitment to provide an essential bridge not only into the next school year, but also to ensure a smooth transition throughout a student’s journey from education to career. »

“This internship has given me many benefits and opportunities,” said Abby Elias Flores, a Burton High School student who currently works as an intern with elementary students through College and Career Readiness. “I learned a lot about working with children and made friends and relationships on my internship site, while adapting to a new community where my presence is appreciated. My experience was enjoyable and educational, and I was rewarded for it.

About College and Career Readiness in SFUSD

SFUSD’s College and Career Readiness Office provides direct services to students and supports teachers and counselors to increase the likelihood of students’ post-secondary success in college and careers. Programs include extended learning and support; Early college; Vocational and technical training; Learning in the workplace; College and career preparation interns; Advancement by Individual Determination (AVID); and access to college. The Office of College and Career Readiness receives funding from a variety of sources, including donations, federal grants, and the Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF). These programs serve approximately 8,000 high school students across all SFUSD comprehensive and continuing high schools.

To learn more about SFUSD’s career preparation programs, please visit this page.