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Should Benny the Golden Retriever be Removed from Benson Stone Ads?

Benny the Golden Retriever is loved by many mainly because of the commercials he is featured in. But recently, Benson Stone received a complaint.

“We received an email from a customer who was quite concerned that we had the dog on the couch,” said Andy Benson, co-owner of Benson Stone Company.

Owners Kim and Andy Benson asked their Facebook followers to vote on whether Benny should continue to feature in store ads.

“All of a sudden it took off when we posted this and it shows how passionate people are about their pets,” Andy said.

Thousands of people responded in favor of Benny sharing thoughts and photos of their pets.

“It was so sweet. We loved reading all the posts and loving all the photos. Some of the cutest dogs and big names,” Kim said.

The Bensons want to assure customers that Benny doesn’t spend all his time testing furniture.

“Benny doesn’t master the showroom anyway, but he’s been on three couches for ads out of the 150 we have. So we didn’t think it was that bad and our customers agree. “, Andy said.

The positive response from customers means Benny will remain the star of the show.

“I think there’s even more pressure to put it in ads in the future, so we’re trying to think about that and be creative in how we do it,” Andy said.

The Facebook post received more than 2,000 comments from Benny supporters.

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