Telluride Venture Network Fall Programs | New

The Telluride Venture Network (TVN) has opened registration for its “Shore Up Your Small Business” workshop, presented by the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado-Boulder. The workshop is the latest installment in the five-year Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series: Rural Colorado. Award-winning teachers Erick Mueller and Brad Werner will return to teach the program September 30 and October 1.

Alternating between Norwood and Telluride, past workshops have provided an introduction to entrepreneurship, as well as a framework and toolkit for developing desirable products and services.

In the “Demystifying Entrepreneurship” course, the focus was on developing a unique value proposition and establishing a competitive advantage, while learning real-world techniques for attracting your first 10 customers. “Startup to Scaleup” was specifically designed to help small businesses and start-up organizations looking to scale from their start-up phase to “the next step”.

In “Shore Up Your Small Business”, the essential elements for the success of any business venture will be explored, regardless of the stage of the business. In a highly interactive setting, participants will learn how to spark creativity, improve marketing impact, identify levers to pull to increase cash flow and reduce costs, and create an impressive culture. Plus, this year’s Founder’s Panel is filled with amazing and talented women. TVN recently announced that author and entrepreneur Stephanie Breedlove, Camp V Founder Natalie Binder, Camp V Founder, and Sustaio CEO Olivia Pederson will be sharing their stories and answering questions on October 1.

The workshop is for anyone wishing to start their own business or improve an existing business.

“The CU Boulder Certificate course is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, existing business owners interested in growing their business, and local leaders interested in supporting entrepreneurial growth in the region,” Mueller said.

The workshop is open to former participants, as well as registrations accepted until Thursday, September 29. The fee is $50 for the two-day workshop and scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis. Visit to register.

Following the workshop is TVN’s Strategy and Growth Boot Camp, a two-week hybrid program from October 10-21. The first week will be held remotely, while the second week will be held in person at Telluride. The all-new Sprint Business Accelerator taught by TVN Entrepreneur-in-Residence Julie Penner is ideal for any Colorado-based business with a product or service already in the market. Applications are accepted until October 1st.

The Strategy & Growth Bootcamp is designed to help founders acquire the tools necessary to deal with changing business conditions, changing economic factors, new opportunities and new challenges.

Penner has seen growth stifle as the founders try to tackle every business aspect vying for their attention.

“While there are a million areas a leader can put energy into, only by focusing on the things that matter most can they propel their business forward. In this bootcamp, founders will learn to step back to see the big picture, then zoom in with new clarity to establish the best course of action,” she explained.

Penner, who has worked with over 100 startups, developed the program. Daily content sessions include topics such as “Measure What Matters – Goals, Key Results and Making Progress Not Motion”, “By the Numbers: Unit Economics and Business Viability”, and “The Money Stuff: Banking, Financial Projections, and Getting What You Need to Grow”

To complete the Bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to meet successful founders who will share their stories not filtered behind the scenes of their journey. The participation fees are $ 1,000 per company, which includes founders’ accommodation in Telluride during the second week of the program. Fee waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Visit to register, or contact Annemarie Jodlowski, TVN Network Manager, at [email protected] for more information.

Launched in 2013 as an initiative of the Telluride Foundation, TVN is an award-winning, nationally recognized entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports new, innovative and growing businesses. TVN’s mission to diversify the regional economy has resulted in more than 80 graduating companies, hundreds of new jobs, millions of dollars in investment raised, thousands of hours of mentorship, and the birth of high impact efforts. impact such as the Telluride Venture Fund and the San Juan Caisse Régionale d’Emprunt. For more information, visit