The bride-to-be includes her Golden Retriever in her bachelorette party and people are obsessed

If that’s not the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard, nothing is.

The latest wedding trend on the market is to include your pets on your wedding day. We mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to do that?! Your pets are with you every day, so it makes sense to have them on the big day.

But now TikTok user @agoldendogmom is taking the next step and we’re taking notes. This Golden Retriever dog mom decided to bring her soul dog with her to her bachelorette party. To say we are obsessed is an understatement!

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OMG Now it’s a bachelorette party we want to go on! We are absolutely in love with this idea. Let’s just say we’ll steal it in the future. And we are not the only ones! @olivemygolden wrote, “Not engaged but thanks for the hen party idea.” See! Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a weekend full of dog cuddles? We bet no one at that party complained about having the dog there.

We can’t believe what this dog has been up to over the weekend too. Of all the photo shoots hanging out in the basement, he did it all! So we hope he was generously rewarded with endless treats. Or better yet, they should have done what @Jordannnnashhhh said. The comment reads, “He definitely deserved a matching sweater!” It would have been amazing! At least a bandana to go with it! LOL!

“People don’t understand a soul dog until they experience it. It’s a love like no other,” @TheGoldenLife wrote. We have never read anything truer than that. The only thing better than that dog attending the bachelorette party will be seeing him at the wedding!

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