The Corgi dog “shares” what it’s like to have a Golden Retriever sibling. Watch | Tendency

The video which shows two dog siblings, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Golden Retriever, was shared on Instagram.

Most of us love and protect our siblings, but never fail to annoy them whenever we get the chance. It turns out that this bittersweet bond isn’t just limited to humans but extends to dogs as well. And this particular video posted online shows the exact same thing.

A page dedicated to Maui, a Golden Retriever dog, shared the funny video on Instagram. The page documents the life of Maui and her sister Rubi – Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The page has over 3.7 lakh followers on the meta-owned platform.

“0/10 would not recommend a golden retriever sibling (just kidding),” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video opens with a text insert: “How does it feel to have a Golden Retriever as a sibling (Ruby’s POV).” It then shows the struggles a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Ruby faces, including getting pissed on when her Golden Retriever sibling, Maui, can’t find a tree. The video is hilarious and can have you grinning from ear to ear.

Watch the video below:

The video, since being shared three hours ago, has received over 97,000 views and over 11,800 likes. The video share also received many comments.

“You two are the cutest,” read a comment from an Insta page dedicated to a Black Morkie dog named Panther. “I always thought Ruby was the one running the show and now I see it’s really Maui, the best part is when you hear their momma say ‘oh no no no’ when Maui tries to drown Ruby for get the ball,” read another from an Instagram page named Daisy, The Good Lab. A third Intsa page from Maple Miles Bassets posted “I love their dynamic” with laughing emoticons.

“I feel so bad for Ruby but can’t help but laugh watching her swim straight out of the water,” one person commented. “The pee and pool incident. Understanding little Corgi,” another wrote with laughing smileys. “Ruby: I call that abuse. Find me another hooman family!” joked a third. “Awww, I feel so bad for Ruby…even though I have a golden, I know they can be mean whenever they want. This should definitely be a sitcom,” a fourth shared.

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