The Golden Retriever dog brings gifts to his mother while she is in her bathtub. Watch | Tendency

Whether it’s wagging their tails, jumping on their humans, or showering them with kisses and hugs, dogs have their own ways of making their humans feel special. And that’s what’s captured in the dog video posted online. The video shows a Golden Retriever dog bringing gifts to his mother while she is taking a bath.

The video was shared by an Instagram page that uses the handle @dogsofinstagram. He is credited with a page on the meta platform dedicated to Golden Retriever sibling Xena and his little brother Finn. “Finn’s bathtub gifts @goldengirl_xena. Anyone else have a gift at home? What fun things have your dogs brought you?” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video opens with a text insert that reads, “Finn loves it when mommy takes a bath. He immediately starts looking for presents.” It then progresses to show a Golden Retriever dog named Fin bringing stuffed toys to his mother, who is in the bathtub. The Golden Retriever dog is proud of his work towards the end, and his pretty face says it all.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared three days ago, the video has received over 8.1 lakh views, over 47,200 likes and a slew of comments. One individual commented, “Awwww sooo cuteee.” “Everyone needs a little Finn!” voiced another. “Adorable,” shared a third with heart emojis.

“Awww, I always bring mommy my stink bomb!” read an answer from a canine page dedicated to Bruno, a mini dachshund. Another dog page, Lady the Golden Retriever, commented, “My favorite boi.” “He’s the most caring,” read the third comment on an Insta page dedicated to two dogs, Gamja and Chip.