The Golden Retriever dog gets trapped after wanting to go to the amusement park. Watch | Tendency

This video of a Golden Retriever dog that was recently shared on Instagram has gone viral for the cutest reasons. The video opens to show how the dog had apparently asked his human to go to the amusement park because he will be able to enjoy the rain dance there. But it turns out the little munchkin got tricked into taking a shower at home. The video was shared on the page dedicated to the Golden Retriever dog named Coco. This page has over 21,500 subscribers. And all of these people are eagerly awaiting daily updates on some of this adorable dog, in the form of photos and videos.

“Rain dance,” reads the caption that was shared with this adorable video of the Golden Retriever dog. It was shared with a surprised face emoji. And chances are you’ll find this video quite amusing and laugh out loud at the poor dog who gets trapped by his human.

Watch it here:

The video was shared on August 25 and has received over 43,000 likes so far.

“Awww,” one Instagram user commented. “Hahahaha cute,” another shared. “Budget issue,” posted a third. “Oh my God, Coco,” commented a fourth, followed by emojis of laughing faces with tears in their eyes.