The Golden Retriever dog makes Garba dance with a human in this adorable video. Watch | Tendency

Do you like dogs? Are you someone who loves to dance? If the answer to one or both of these questions turns out to be a yes for you, we are happy to let you know that you have found yourself in the perfect place. A video of a Golden Retriever dog and his human has been shared on Instagram and shows the duo dancing together in the cutest way. You might find yourself getting up and dancing with them after watching the video. “Just a Gujju family thing,” reads the caption which was shared with this dog video which has been gaining popularity since being posted on the social media platform.

The video was shared on the page dedicated to this adorable Golden Retriever dog who can be seen dancing in a Gujarati house where he was adopted. The name of this dog’s page is The Kattappa. With nearly 13,000 dedicated followers on this page, the bio says the dog is based in Mumbai, India.

Watch the video of the dog below:

The video was shared on August 30 and has over 20,000 likes so far.

He also received various responses where people praised this dog’s dance. One such comment called it “Happy doggo.” “Hahaha…mum I want dhoklas after the dance,” wrote another.