The Golden Retriever’s reaction after seeing he is at the vet Delights Internet

A golden retriever’s attempt to flee a visit to the vet has gone viral online as pet owners report the hilarious and very familiar reaction.

Alfie the golden retriever is like many other dogs in his hatred of the vet. Unlike others though, he wasn’t willing to just smile and bear it. Instead, Alfie’s owner captured the moment he decided to run straight from the dreaded building.

“The moment your dog realizes he’s at the vet, he’s going back to the car,” the owner wrote onscreen. Alfie, who was still attached to his leash, jumped out of the car and rushed off, before swallowing his pride and heading back to the car when he realized exactly where he was.

According to a comment from Alfie’s owner, it was the sight of the “dreaded building” that made him aware of the location. She joked that Alfie “suddenly felt fine” soon after they arrived at the vet.

Alfie isn’t the only one scared of the vet. A 2018 study found that 41% of pet dogs displayed “mild to moderate fearful behavior” when examined by a veterinarian, while 14% showed even severe or extreme fearfulness.

A dog’s breed, according to the same study, is an important indicator of whether or not a dog will be afraid of a vet, with some breeds finding the experience more stressful than others. Golden retrievers like Alfie, however, are generally not high-ranking in this regard. Instead, toy breeds, mixed breeds, and hunting dogs scored highest for fear when examined by a veterinarian.

A dog’s background and whether they live with other dogs were also two key factors that indicated whether a dog would be afraid of the vet.

Research from the University of Pisa found that the majority of dogs studied showed stress when visiting the vet and 11% even growled or yelled at the vet during the visit.

Alfie’s reaction was far less aggressive and entertained over 100,000 people online. “I had to put my 16 year old black lab to rest on Monday. Makes me smile to see these kinds of videos,” one viewer wrote.

Earlier this month, a dachshund went viral online after it ‘sulked’ during an emergency visit to the vet. The dog had been rushed there for help after indulging in a bar of chocolate, with the foil wrapper.

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A stock photo of a labrador. Many dogs are afraid of a visit to the vet.
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