The Golden Retriever’s Reaction To Dad Returning From A Trip Is So Irresistible

This pup missed dad so much!

Whether you’re more of a dog, a cat, or even a rabbit, one of the best parts of owning a pet is coming home to your four-legged friend. You do not think ? Whether they greet you at the door or wake up delighted from their nap to rub their tummy, you’ll never have a boring welcome home.

For the father of Timber the Golden Retriever, the highlight of coming home is the loving attention of his pup. Luckily for us, he posted the sweet reunion on his dog’s account, @timber.the.golden, for everyone to be inspired by.

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Oh my God – what an adorable puppy! Our hearts melt positively for this boy and his parents. Now we fully understand why Timber’s dad posted this video.

“OMG SO FREAKIN PRECIOUS!!” gushed @ericayager953. His reaction is to die for! He clearly adores his father and misses him dearly. As a pet parent, that must seem like the biggest compliment.

“My gold is the same with my mother,” @robertchapma8879 admitted. “She loves my mother more than me.” OMG – I promise we’re not laughing! It’s only funny to us because it’s so relatable; you never know what a dog will look like growing up. Or who they will be attached to! If we can guess anything by the fact that Timber has his dad’s hat in his mouth, it’s that they’re pretty closely related.

Just listen to those screams! @Kimmay0825 wrote, “Love love love this!! Closed eyes and happy moans.” Aren’t they just the best? This Golden is a precious boy, to say the least!

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