The Golden Retriever’s reaction to getting her own puppy is beyond precious

She was so excited about her new friend.

Feeling alone is natural for most beings. When a family adopts a pet, it can sometimes feel lonely in the house, especially if everyone is at work or school all day. A family noticed this about their pup, and the solution they found is perfect.

TikTok user @alongwithallie recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Cooper, and said he’s been feeling a bit lonely lately. In the video, Cooper’s parents give him an early Christmas present to remedy his loneliness: a Golden Retriever puppy named Colbie! Check out the video to see how the first meeting between these two brothers went.

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Awww, Cooper was so excited to meet Colbie! The new siblings exchanged lots of kisses and wagged tails, which seems like a good indicator that they will be best friends. We can’t wait to see what kind of trouble these two get into together!

People in the comments love that these parents have their own dog. @pappyrob2305 said: “Everyone needs a dog. Even a dog needs a dog!” and @adventuresofmaddiecakes commented, “A Golden getting a Golden is one of my favorite things.” Dogs are amazing companions for humans and other dogs!

Others thought it was so sweet to see how excited they were to meet and can’t wait to see more videos of Cooper and Colbie together. @suzannesasurvivor commented, “I’m going to need videos of them getting to know each other. Please and thank you!” Another user, @butrflyangel02, said, “Awe that’s so sweet and he’s so excited to meet Colbie.” Cooper is going to be a wonderful big brother!

This video was too precious. Colbie will look up to his big brother so much, and Cooper will teach the new pup all about living with his family. We wonder when Colbie will be old enough to have a puppy for himself!

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