The Golden Retriever’s “Side-Eye” After Being Caught in the Pool Is Classic

He tried to pull a quick one on his dad.

Dogs may have a tendency to get into mischief when exploring the garden unsupervised. They like to act first and think about the consequences later, like this puppy who surprised his dad when he looked in the yard after letting the dog go to the bathroom.

TikTok user @aguyandagolden recently shared a video of his Golden Retriever, Ted, being out in the garden to relieve himself. However, when his father came to see what the puppy was doing, he saw that Ted was swimming in the pool! Watch the video to see Ted’s reaction after being caught with his pool noodles.

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OMG, that guilty eye he gave his dad is so funny! Ted wasn’t happy to be caught in the pool, but he had such a good time that he doesn’t seem to regret it.

People in the comments couldn’t get enough of Ted’s funny sideways look. @maree_84 said: “The side eye gets me every time!” and @leah.leah562 commented, “Teddy has the best side eye.” Ted’s facial expression is just perfect!

Others were certain that Ted was innocent of any wrongdoing. @jessica.green04 commented, “He was pushed!” and @shanna4u said, “Teddy accidentally fell in the pool. That’s the story and we’re sticking to it.” Ted just jumped in the pool to grab those stray pool noodles and do some clean up. There is no leisure here!

Ted is just such a funny pup. He certainly didn’t expect his father to come out, and he figured that what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him! Maybe Ted should stick to digging holes in flowerbeds in the future, though.

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