The Labrador Retriever is not one of the most popular dog breeds in Europe

The Labrador Retriever may have just been named the most popular dog breed in the United States for the 27and year in a row, but abroad, this fiery companion does not have the same weight. According to new research, the most popular dog breeds in Europe are the Cane Corso and the Rottweiler.

However, these rankings, which were made by Protectivity Insurance, are determined simply by measuring the volume of Google searches for each breed by country. The AKC’s list of the most popular breeds in the United States is compiled using dog registration numbers from the past year. Still, the research is exciting.

These data show that Europeans favor the Cane Corso, which currently ranks 37and on the US list. The breed’s popularity in Europe may be due to the rise of 13 places in the AKC rankings over the past five years. This confident guard dog is the most searched breed in 12 European countries, including France and Romania. However, despite its ancient Roman origins, the Corso is not top of the list in Italy.

That honor goes to the Rottweiler, a dog believed to have ties to ancient Rome. Europe’s second most searched breed is a favorite in Switzerland and Finland, and currently ranks eighth on the list of most popular breeds in the United States. This hardy working dog has maintained its place in the top 10 in recent years and clearly has a dedicated fanbase overseas as well.

In Europe, the Pug ranks third, dominating in countries like Ireland, Portugal and Turkey. It is also the most sought after dog breed in Russia. This charming and mischievous member of the Toy Group ranks a little lower in the United States, currently sitting at 31st square.

The French Bulldog (popular in Britain), the Shiba Inu (a hit in Belgium and the Czech Republic), the Border Collie (the most sought-after breed in Spain and Iceland), the Australian Shepherd (a favorite in Germany and in Austria), the Pomeranian (best dog in Norway and Sweden) and the Golden Retriever (loved in Denmark and Hungary).

But in the end, it doesn’t matter how a breed ranks. The main takeaway is that dogs bring joy to people all over the world, and we’ll never stop giving them the love and attention they deserve!