The List Of Things That Confuse This Golden Retriever Dog Can Make You Laugh | Tendency

Those who have petted dogs before or enjoy watching videos featuring them won’t be surprised after watching this video. In it, we can see how a cute Golden Retriever dog gets bamboozled by several things. And, of course, the dog’s amusing antics are sure to bring laughs due to its hilarious quotient.

A dog page called Xena and Finn shared the video on Instagram. It has over 2.3 lakh followers on Instagram and is dedicated to two Golden Retrievers, Xena and her younger brother Finn. “Bamboozled Boi. Part 2!” read the caption posted with the video. The video opens with a text insert that reads, “Moments that left Finn completely bamboozled.” The video is a montage of several clips that shows how Finn gets tricked by his mother into going out on his own. It also shows him sitting with a clementine on his head and reacting when an insect invades his personal space.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared five days ago, the video has received over 2,000 views and nearly 22,000 likes. It also received many comments. “So much confusion,” read a comment on a page dedicated to a dog named Sterling Newton. “Sometimes my lips would get stuck in my teeth,” read another on a dog page dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Lady. “Look on the bright side. You can still make mimosas with these clementines,” read the third response from a dog page called Blu and Benny.

“This account is always giving love,” posted one Instagram user. “The bug is my favorite,” another commented. “His face just makes me happy! Thank you for sharing your two fur babies with all of us!” wrote a third with a heart emoticon. “The clementine on his head omg hahah,” expressed a fourth.