The List Of Things This Golden Retriever Dog Likes To Steal Will Make You Laugh | Tendency

Those who have had dogs as pets or have been around them know how dogs act to get their parents’ attention and won’t take this video as a surprise. It shows a cute Golden Retriever dog and the things she likes to steal. The video is hilarious and sure to cure your midweek blues.

The video opens with a text insert: “What is your favorite activity?” It then shows a Golden Retriever dog named Pasha stealing his father’s belongings, including his socks and shoes. And the dog’s dramatic reaction when she tries to grab her dad’s socks is pretty hilarious. She is also seen resting on a chair with her father’s underwear in her possession. “Dad’s things are my favorite because they’re the smelliest,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram by the Pacha page.

Watch the cute video featuring Golden Retriever below:

The video was shared a day ago on Instagram. It has since garnered over 42,800 views, over 4,600 likes and several comments.

“Oh my god my dog ​​does the same with my dads shoes and socks etc! But only his own and no one else,” one individual posted with a laughing smiley. “I don’t know why dogs do this,” wrote another. “How sweet,” shared a third with heart emojis. “Oh Pasha,” commented a fourth.


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