The man teaches the Golden Retriever to open the refrigerator. What happens next will amuse you | Tendency

If you have a dog, you must have taught it various tricks like shaking hands, catching a ball, barking on command, etc. But, thanks to the internet, many people are also teaching their dogs to open a fridge and bring them a bottle of soda or something. Recently, a man did the same. However, when he was teaching his golden retrievers how to open the fridge, he didn’t expect his dogs to get out treats themselves.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @elliegoldenlife, you can see a man teaching his golden retriever how to open a refrigerator. First, he ties a rope to the fridge handle and asks his dog to pull the rope to open the fridge door. Later in the video, the dog puts his skills to good use and pulls out a treat for himself!

Watch the video of the golden retriever opening the fridge here:

This video was shared just a few days ago; since then it has been viewed 2.6 million times. He also has more than one lakh likes and multiple comments. One person in the Instagram comments wrote, “She knew exactly what she wanted and made that connection when she figured out how to open the door!” Another wrote, “Hahaha that’s awesome; just like me, Ellie is always in the fridge looking for some cheese to snack on.” A third person wrote: “Never showing dogs how to get to food, rookie mistake.” “Late night snacking has never been easier,” added a fourth.