The Unlikely Friendship Between The Golden Retriever And The Stag Steals Hearts

It has some Disney movie potential.

From time to time, two different animals cross paths. An unusual and rare moment. You wouldn’t expect these unexpected animals to keep seeing each other again and again. But, to our surprise, TikTok user @kapandchief happened to catch several moments from two unlikely friends.

His Golden Retriever has befriended an unlikely wild animal – a deer. You may have seen deer and dogs meet before, but these two didn’t stop at just one encounter. The two hang out again and again. It’s no wonder this clip has over 3.1 million views on its first day. Check it out!

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Oh ! Is there a new Disney movie that no one told us about!? Because seriously, this has the potential to be a new movie. There’s no doubt in our minds that it would be a box office hit!

We wonder what these two besties are talking about every time the stag visits, though. TikTokers are speculating. @gayplantlover wrote, “She talks to him about being free and he tells her about being loved by people. Disney stuff.” Oh ! Swapping stories, we love it! @rusteejames added, “I think the deer tells the dog a lot of stories about what it’s like out there. They’re definitely friends it seems.” Absolutely!

“They were definitely kindred spirits in a past life,” @xmothshawtyx said. We believe in it with all our heart! @amyelizabeth commented, “Your dog has such sweet energy. That’s why the deer is trusting.” This must clearly be the case, otherwise the deer would not return. And we can’t wait to see the continuation of this unlikely but magnificent friendship!

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